It was in 2001 that the first wintage from ancient Pompeii’s vineyards was released, in a limited quantity, 1,721 bottles, following the first harvest, vinification and ageing in wooden casks.

“It is our humble homage to a site which is part of the heritage of the entire world – said Mastroberardino -. Vine growing began here, and here, after 2000 years, we once more propose a wine made in Pompeii”.

According to official classification, Villa dei misteri is a Pompeian IGT (Indicazione Geografica Tipica – Typical Geographical Information). Grapes used are 90% Piedirosso and 10% Sciascinoso. The harvest starts at the end of October. The wine was aged for twelve months in barriques, and for 6 additional ones in bottles. Its bouquet is complex,full and persistent, spicy and fruited. Its flavour is full, balanced, structured.

The wine’s name too was chosen as a homage to one of Pompeii’s best-known archaeological sites, with the aim to bring to mind something intriguing that slowly becomes unveiled: the mystery of a deep research capable of overriding a period of two thousand years.

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